September is National Papaya Month!

Author: Kim | September 2, 2010 | Toppings

At chocri, we will often highlight one of our very many toppings on its national day or month. We know our toppings inventory is pretty extensive. How do you choose which ones to try on your very own chocolate creation?

This month, we're celebrating papaya. September is National Papaya Month, and the tropical fruit is an excellent way to work more Vitamin C into your diet in a tasty, tangy way. In addition to being totally tropically delicious, papaya is hella versatile- it's popular in sweet dishes, savory ones like curries, and it even has medicinal applications. (It's also very common in spas for its natural exfoliating abilities.)

national papaya monthTo honor National Papaya Month, we've marked papaya down 50% for all of September. So in addition to being a bright, flavorful and delicious addition to any chocri creation, Papaya is also an attractively priced one. You can find papaya on the fruit page of our "create your own" section.

Need some help in pairing papaya? Our recommendation engine can help you decide which toppings to add to your papaya-inclusive chocri.

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  1. September 2, 2010 | Cheryl said:
    WOW Fantastic combination!

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