On our blog last week, we discussed the different ways you can personalize chocolate, for yourself or for a gift. One of the cool things about working for chocri is seeing all the one-of-a-kind chocolate bars created by our chocri fans that reflect their personalities, tastes and inspirations.

However, some of the coolest creations we see aren't one or two or three-of-a-kind- did you know chocri does custom chocolate favors for weddings, christenings/baptisms, parties, baby showers and bridal showers, and corporate gifts? Wedding favors are one of the most popular queries we get from brides and grooms who'd like a custom candy gift for their guests, but baptisms and showers are also a great place to put a personalized touch on an event. Candy favors or chocolate favors are popular, but we offer the ability to present a really special, individualized experience for those types of events.

Customized candy is also a great option for corporate gifts because it can work as an extension of your organization's branding. Your colors, culture, or even your logo can be reflected in the customized chocolate bars you create. We provide the same service for retail, with options for creating a custom chocolate product that perfectly fits any retail environment.

Questions? You can find some more information on our "chocri in bulk" page, with sections for corporate gifts, custom wedding favors and chocri for retail. You can also drop us a line at to find out more!

custom chocolate favors


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