If you've been reading business and tech press lately, you've seen chocri held up as a successful example for mass customization, particularly the mass customization of food. I think there are three reasons for that:

  • We were one of the first companies ever to let you customize food online. Started in September 2008, there was only one other food mass customization company really,
  • We have been growing a lot - in March 2009, chocri made about 17,000 customized chocolate bars a month. That's a lot, but that's less than half of what we make now - in the summer. Why good we grown so much? Because we have a really, really good product, and our customers recommend us and gift the personalized chocolate bars to their friends. Thank YOU
  • We just received an investment from Ritter, one of the biggest German chocolate manufacturers. They wouldn't have invested in us if they hadn't been impressed in what they saw after they lifted the hood.

We believe in giving control to you, to empower you to make your own decisions - even with something so simple as creating your own chocolate bar. Because we know it's not just a chocolate bar. It's a way to say thank you, to reward yourself, to express yourself, to tell someone you love them or to get creative and to have fun. We'll definitely have fun making those beautiful custom chocolate bars and getting them to you!

Customized chocolate bars by chocri


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