Limited Edition Fall Harvest Bar

Author: Kim | September 28, 2010 | ChocolateToppings

If our Facebook friends are any indication, everyone's excited about the imminent arrival of fall and all the things associated with it.

apples and chocolateMornings are cooler, and so are nights when the sun sets and the air smells like distant fires and a little bit like winter. Pumpkin picking trips are planned, Halloween is looming and summer becomes a distant memory. (Can you tell we're looking forward to it, too?) So we created a bar for everyone who's ready for raking, and long walks and harvest moons- from the description:

"Apple picking, bonfires, crisp nights, harvest moons and soft hoodies- does anyone not love the start of fall? We've added the "Fall Harvest Bar" to evoke the sensory associations we link with fall, and included our most autumnal ingredients. Apple Bits, Cinnamon, Bourbon Vanilla, Mini Cookies and creamy Milk Chocolate- like the remaining leaves, our "Fall Harvest Bar" is only here for a short while."

You can find our Fall Harvest Bar at the top of recommended creations- at $2 off the standard price, so in addition to being a tasty fall treat, it's also a fabulous deal.


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