Today is National Coffee Day in the US, a country largely powered by an army of baristas in green aprons.

national coffee day saleCoffee has exploded in popularity in recent years, due in a large part to the rising popularity of sweeter, iced espresso based drinks, and of course, a natural affinity between coffee and chocolate. Americans love to mix the two flavors, and coffee plays well with chocolate in many forms. In our recommended creations section, you can find coffee featured in a few National Coffee Day friendly chocris.

Our Extreme Concentration, Anti Hangover, Violet Blue and Dave Morin bars all have our popular ground coffee beans topping, among assorted others. Feeling creative? Love coffee? In honor of National Coffee Day today, we've marked coffee down in our Toppings section today, so you can add coffee to your custom chocri today only for free. This is a Coffee Day only sale, so if you can't face mornings without your daily latte, head over to our "Create Your Own Chocolate" page to prepare your coffee/chocolate masterpiece.

Don't know what to pair your coffee topping with? Our new recommendation engine can provide some helpful hints.


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