Great Times at MakerFaire!

Author: Carmen | September 30, 2010 | Events

Personalized chocolate bars at Maker Faire

For those of you who've never been - MakerFaire is this crazy and huge event, where "makers" and curious people come together. Makers exhibit bikes that look like fish, merry go rounds that are powered by jets, and Coke and Mentos fountains impressed the crowds. And we were there!

We had such a great time! We had a little table set up with a few of our 27 billion customized chocolate bars that you can make on our [site](, and we had a chocolate fountain along with some toppings, so people could make a "mini custom chocolate bar" in a cup! We also sold many of our pre-customized chocolate bars - with dark chocolate definitely being the crowd favorite at MakerFaire. We also met Jordan, who took up the challenge to eat the undefeated Firemaker - and didn't even break a sweat! Strong man, that Jordan.

Chocolate Fountain and Customized Chocolate Bars

One of my personal highlights at MakerFaire was also Jules Pieri's talk on Citizen Commerce - she mentioned how many young entrepreneurs, who a few years ago would have flocked to IT and software companies after graduation - are now attracted to innovating physical "things". And how social media fueled citizen journalism - and now citizen commerce. Everyone is now involved in making things, and in curating things. This spoke from my heart, because a) I used to work for a software company, and b) Yes, you who are reading this are an example of a citizen who is part of commerce - you're creating your own product on our site! Thanks @JulesPieri, not only for talking about it, but also making Citizen Commerce happen at Daily Grommet - a website taking videos of innovative products that you should all check out.

Chocri customized chocolate bars got a MakerFaire Award

Last but not least, chocri won an Editor's Award at MakerFaire! Sooo proud. It even had a little comment "You rock" on the back of it. And CNet mentioned us as one of the 10 (ten!) highlights at MakerFaire in a fun slideshow. Maybe the nicest thing though was this little boy who, after trying our chocolate, said "This is the best substance I have ever tasted.". In exactly those words. Yes, "substance". Thank you, smart boy.


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