Cookies + Chocolate = So Much Win

Author: Kim | September 9, 2010 | Toppings

On your chocri, you can always get "mini cookies" as a topping. They're a bit more like tea biscuits, and they add great texture to all our bases. I have personally been hooked on them as a topping since my very first chocri- white chocolate with bourbon vanilla, banana chips and mini cookies.

chocolate and cookiesCookies and chocolate go together like- well, come on, do many things go together as well as cookies and chocolate? The sweet, buttery crunch of cookies blends amazingly with the sweet, creamy smoothness of chocolate. And while the "mini cookies" topping is awesome (and very popular), we've decided to add a second cookie option for September.

You can find "cookie crumbs" in our "confections" toppings for a limited time, and you might want to check them out soon:

" popular in our taste test that they were gone within minutes at the chocri office - we highly recommend this topping."

"Cookie crumbs" are a great addition to any chocri because they're so versatile. Pair them with milk chocolate, raisins and cinnamon for a comfort food type feel. Put them on dark chocolate with bananas and peanut butter drops for a slightly sophisticated but still sweet spin. Add them to a white chocolate bar with strawberries and chocolate honey drops.

How would you use cookies in your chocri? Tell us in the comments!


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