Candy Corn is possibly the most classic of all Halloween candies, one you don't want it to miss on your personalized chocolate bar for the spooky season! So here we are - starting today, Candy Corn is available in the Confections section of the website. There's no image, but don't fret, I took a big picture for you of the delicious candy corn right here:

Halloween Candy Chocolate Bar with Candy Corn

While the resemblance of candy corn to actual corn kernels is apparent, I personally also think that this Halloween candy classic reminds me of teeth or fangs about to bite your neck - maybe that's why it's so popular around this time of the year? Of all the candy corn, about two thirds are consumed around Halloween.

Candy Corn was invented in the 1880s by the Goerlitz Confectionary Company - whose founder was a German immigrant. And today, the German chocolate company chocri adds it as a topping to your custom chocolate bar!

Candy Corn is fat free, and its taste may remind you of marshmallows.

Enjoy! Create your Halloween Chocolate Bar with Candy Corn today!


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