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Author: Carmen | October 14, 2010 | Customization

Many of you try us out for the first time as a unique gift - a personalized chocolate bar or a chocolate gift certificate for your loved ones. But as you know from this blogs Customization Tag, we're not the only company that allows you to create thoughtful, personal and most of all unusual gifts online. With the holidays coming up, I will use this blog to introduce you to a few personalized gift ideas - each week a few more websites. Enjoy!

Personalized Gift Idea for Him

Lindgolf personalized golf clubs If "he" is a passionate, or even just hobby golfer, he will love Lindgolf! On this website, you can design your own golf club in three easy steps. First, you can measure yourself (with assistance if you like), to determine the correct flex, grip size and golf shaft length for you. Then, you can customize your golf club by choosing gender, dexterity and club loft, and you can personalize it with different colors. Since all these choices seem to require a lot of knowledge, and are very personal, I highly recommend a gift card from Lindgolf. You can even email it on if you like (just as ours if you didn't know), which makes it a very convenient gift for a "he" that doesn't live close by.

Personalized Gift Idea for Her

Customized Jewelry by Gemvara A classic holiday gift is jewelry, of course. But if you don't want to give the same old stuff that everyone else is wearing, too, consider Gemvara. On Gemvara's site, you can customize rings, necklaces and their pendants, as well as earrings. From the large selection they have available, find a style you like, and then give it your own personal touch by choosing the color and type of accent stones as well as the type of metal used. I think what's really most remarkable to Gemvara is that you can rely on the design of a professional, choose the one you like the most, and then customize it with the colors and metals you like. A great way to provide guidance in the customization process! The jewelry doesn't come cheap, so this would probably be best as a gift for the special women in your life. Although they have men's jewelry as well!

Personalized Gift Idea for a Kid

Superstructs Custom Toy A super fun mass customized product I recently discovered is Superstructs. I kind of want one! Superstruct Kits are essentially an advanced and smarter lego, wether it's a kit for a pink fairy garden for a girl, or a motorcycle kit (for anyone really. That's what I want!). They won awards for being so valuable both as education and entertainment. Only very recently did they introduce their "Custom Kit": In a first step, you drag and drop some of the models into the kit. You can then personalize your gift by choosing from 12 fun templates and adding your child's name - which is printed on the box. And that's then delivered directly to you - or your nephew/ niece, or a lucky kid somewhere else in the world.

More personalized gift ideas next week!


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    Brilliant ideas! Thanks.

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