One of the topics we like to cover on the chocri blog is the effect of chocolate consumption on diet and health. We don't really need any more reasons to eat chocolate (deliciousness is, after all, an excellent reason to nom it all the time) but it seems to be a favorite topic when it comes to science and health. (And if I were I scientist, I think I would study the effects of chocolate consumption like, all the time.)

dark chocolate for diabeticsWe've covered the effects of chocolate consumption of cholesterol levels in the past, and the BBC has posted another, similar study discussing the impact of chocolate consumption on the cholesterol levels of diabetics.

The study the BBC post referenced again centered around small amounts of dark, high cocoa content chocolate:

"A total of 12 volunteers with the type II form of the condition were given identical chocolate bars, some enriched with polyphenols, over a 16 week period... Those given the enriched bars experienced a small improvement in their overall cholesterol "profile", with total cholesterol falling, and levels of so-called "good" cholesterol rising.

"Professor Steve Atkin, who led the study, suggested that it could mean a reduction in heart risk, (saying) "Chocolate with a high cocoa content should be included in the diet of individuals with type II diabetes as part of a sensible, balanced approach to diet and lifestyle."

Doctors quoted were quick to point out that chocolate should be consumed in moderation, and that the study was not a "green light" to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (>pout<) Overall, however, the results are another interesting look into the many ways adding high quality, high cocoa content chocolate to your diet can be a healthy move.


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