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Author: Carmen | October 21, 2010 | Customization

As promised, I will post some customized gift ideas every Thursday on this blog, as the Holiday Season draws closer. Today, I'll introduce you to three corporate gift ideas. There's a lot of companies that let you buy personalized pens etc in bulk, at a cheap price. But many of those have boring gifts (pens? golf balls?), stuff that everyone gives, and that only begins to get cheap for really high quantities. I have found design-your-own websites to be a better option - they are often able to provide discounts if you buy in bulk, but they usually carry higher quality, and there are no setup fees. So, without further ado, here three ideas for great promotional gifts for employees, clients and anyone you can think of:

Personal Wine

Corporate Gift Idea Personal Wine I must admit I didn't find Personal Wine myself- my parents found it, and ordered a wine bottle for me for my birthday. The wine was great - they have a very decent selection of wines on the site, starting at $19 for a regular bottle. Mini Bottles can be customized for just below $5 a piece, which gets cheaper the more you buy. I like the concept because it's something you can really enjoy, and it's super easy to design your own label for the wine bottle. If you happen to be in a state that doesn't allow alcohol to be shipped, you can also order custom labels and apply them to wine yourself. I think it's a great gift idea, and as a client or employee, it's a very unusual gift to receive!

Element Bars

Corporate Gift Idea Element Bars Custom energy bars by Element Bars is the perfect corporate gift idea if you're in the business of health, fitness and nutrition. Weight Watchers, I'm looking at you: Have you gotten your holiday gifts yet? On the Element Bar's site, you can create your own nutrition bar by choosing from four "cores" (e.g. a chewy core), and then fruit, nuts, sweets and boosts. So once you have your perfect formula all set, you name it and are delivered a box of 12 bars with a price tag starting at a mere $1.99 per premade nutrition bar or $2.99 per custom bar (depending on what you put in it. If you order 200 element bars or more, you can get a bulk discount, as well as a nutritional consultation. They even offer marketing and promotional support, and since I know the founder, Jonathan, I know it will be great! Element Bars are all natural, handmade and then delivered to your door (or mail room) freshly baked.

Design A Tea

Corporate Gift Idea Custom Tea Design A Tea is one of those secret tips that only a few lucky people know about. But it's a wonderful site - not only as a promotional gift! On the site, you can choose a base tea and add favorite flavors similar to how you create your own chocolate bar on our site. You can personalize your tea mix with a name as well, of course. For businesses and events, Design a Tea also offers free custom labeling on our Design a Tea custom blends. Business logos can be incorporated on the label for no additional cost, by emailing the logo and details to Brian at after placing your order. My custom tea mix came out to $4.75, which is a very reasonable price for a truly unique gift idea. What would you mix?

And of course, our chocolate bars make a great corporate gift, too! Find more info on our Bulk Info page, and email me so I can make you a great quote! Reference customers include the Hilton and Etihad Airways.

Stay tuned for more personalized gift ideas next week!


  1. October 24, 2010 | Alex Andrawes said:
    Dear Carmen, I must admit that I got really hypnotized by all the chocolate options you present on Chocri. I love the concept and I think its a very thoughtful, tasteful gift that anyone can give. What a fun company to work for, I wish you were located next door to me. That way we could have Wine and Chocolate! Thanks for the mention on your blog and I hope that we can work together on something soon.
    Cheers, Alex

  2. October 27, 2010 | Home Chocolate said:
    Thank you a good idea for bringing the gift of chocolate to make me much.

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