If you've got trick-or-treaters in the house, you know that the impending sweets orgy surrounding Halloween can be a bit of a concern.

chocolate and teethKids generally go a bit crazy with candy consumption when they return home with their loot. They get all sugared up, and OMG- what about their teeth? You can monitor their brushing and limit their chocolate and candy consumption to a degree, but what Halloween candy is best for kids' teeth?

According to a dentist interviewed by the OC Register, chocolate is a much healthier dental choice for Halloween. It's not an apple or a carrot, but Dr. John DeLorme of Mission Viejo warns against the continual sugar attack of hard candy and chewier sweets:

"If you look at the hard, sticky, chewy things, the amount of time it take to consume one of those things, that continual sugar attack on the tooth is not good," he said. "Nonsticky candy that clears the mouth quickly, like Hershey bars and M&Ms, are better than Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, Starburst and Skittles."

Dr. DeLorme also recommends keeping the candy consumption to within a week of Halloween rather than doling it out until Christmas. Looking for some particularly festive Halloween chocolate? Check out our Candy Corn topping, explained on the chocri blog!


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