Today is National Chocolate Day, which we think is totally undercelebrated. Schools should be out! Everyone should get a day off work! We should all be reveling in the glorious substance that soothes sads, makes dessert amazing and defeats dementors in the Harry Potter books.

Alas, National Chocolate Day isn't quite to that level. (Yet.) But we think that that chocolate deserves a bit of recognition today, and we've designed a contest for which the prize is free chocolate every month for a whole year. (!!!)

One winner will receive this most awesome of prizes, and be awarded with a free chocolate bar each month. So what do you have to do to win? We want to know how you feel about chocolate. It can be a picture, or a video, or a blog post. Simply go to our Chocri International page, post your entry, and get everyone you know to "Like" it.

At the end of the contest (in one week), we'll tally up the likes and the entry with the most likes wins. If you don't get the most likes, fret not. We will be awarding random prizes to entries that are particularly awesome.

So let us know- what do you love about chocolate?

national chocolate day


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