All About Birthday Chocolate

Author: Kim | October 4, 2010 | ChocolateCustomization

You may have read on our blog that the very first chocri bar was actually created by one of our founders seeking a thoughtful and creative birthday present- one that was also simultaneously awesome.

birthday chocolate' title=He created a custom birthday chocolate bar, and it was so appreciated that long story short, chocri was born. Chocolate is consistently a frequently gifted item for pretty much every occasion. Aside from being delicious, good chocolate is amazingly versatile for gifts. Birthday chocolate works well for romantic gifts, workplace related gifts, gifts for kids and gifts for parents and grandparents. Birthday chocri, however, has one important distinction- you can create any combination to exactly fit your giftee's tastes.

While you can create a birthday chocolate extravaganza with your recipient's favorite toppings and their base chocolate of choice, we also have dedicated birthday toppings to make a birthday bar extra festive. Among those pictured above are an edible banner reading "Happy Birthday" and star-shaped candle holders, so you can skip cake in favor of smooth, creamy chocolate.

Another feature that is standard on all our bars but is especially well suited to birthday chocolate is chocolate names- each bar can be custom labeled with a name or message for your recipient. We've seen sweet ones, funny ones and romantic ones, and each week we gather up the five most amusing and post them on our blog. This is a particularly nice feature for birthday chocolate, as it really sets chocri creations apart from other chocolate birthday gifts.

Have a question about birthday chocolate? Shoot us over an email and we'd be happy to help!


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