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Author: Carmen | October 5, 2010 | Special-Offers

As we have written before we moved on Facebook - we now have a page dedicated to our English speaking customers and fans, full of pictures, stories and conversations. We really benefit from your inputs and ideas, and of course it helps that some of you post positive reviews on the site! We'd love to connect with you more, and since we understand that you have limited space in your newsfeed, we'll reward you with

20% off once we reach 1,000 Fans on Facebook

That should be reached quickly- already 600 people like chocri on Facebook! Here are a few ways how you can help us grow and reduce the time until you get 20% off:

  • Use the suggest to friends feature on Facebook. It's right below the profile picture, and you can invite your friends to like us, too. And who doesn't love chocolate? The best part - your friends get the 20% off coupon code as well!
  • We know from you that you often refer us to your friends - and we are super grateful for that. If your friends were waiting for a discount to try us out, this is the time - it won't get lower than this. Tell them to like us on Facebook, and not only they'll get the 20%, you will, too!
  • Right when you're reading this blog post, we'll have a post up on Facebook about this. You can share that post on your own wall and your friends can decide for themselves if they want to like us, too!

The 20% coupon code will be sent via an Update to all our fans as soon as the 1000 Fans (or do we call them Likers now?) is reached. See you on Facebook!

p.s. The coupon code will work on our US and UK website.

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