Cool Mass Customization Example: Coco Myles

Author: Carmen | October 7, 2010 | Customization

Design Your Own Dress with Coco Myles As you know, chocri was the first company in the world to invent customized chocolate bars, and wow, are we proud of that. Besides us though, there are many other cool examples of mass customization, and today I'd like to introduce you to our good friends over at Coco Myles, where you can design your own dress.

Customized Dress by Coco Myles

It's every woman's dream. In the design your own dress section of the site, you can choose from 8 styles for the bottom of your dress, as well as 10 styles for the top part of your dress - and you can mix and match them to create the perfect dress. So you want a ball gown with strapless top? No problem. Or a scoop neck with a bubble skirt? Works just as well! You can then pick the fabric of the dress, the color of course, nice beading on the dress, and you can add a shawl or sash or bow to select combinations. All in all a wonderful playground for everyone who read princess books as a child (and which girl didn't?).

Matter of fact, it's not just for playing though - the dresses are not more expensive than a dress you would buy in a store! Take the dress in the image on the side for example. It's from their "celebrity inspired" line, where they take dresses celebrities wear and the recreate them in a similar fashion - only that you can customize it. I customized it by choosing red and the color "chocolate" (how much better could a dress be? Ok, I'm biased. I hear chocolate and am all for it.). The dress is $144. Have any of you ever been shopping for a bridesmaid dress or prom dress? I thought so. $144 looks nearly as sweet as honey chocolate drops!

Speaking of bridesmaid's dresses - that's actually Coco Myles specialty. The idea is that the bride picks the fabric, and within that limitation, the bridesmaids can customize the perfect dress for their preferences and body type. That way the bride has a great looking party to surround her on the big day, and the bridesmaid's have a dress they actually like and can wear again. Pretty nice idea!

Design your own dress with Coco Myles

What mass customization business is your favorite (besides us, of course)? Let us know in the comments! We love customization and companies that give the reigns to their customers, and we want to connect with all of them! Another great place to learn more about design-your-own websites is egoo-journal, a blog on customization and personalization where I guest blog sometimes as well.


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