Although Halloween hasn't yet arrived, Christmas is just around the corner. And we've been working like Santa's elves to prepare festive holiday packaging and some new, Christmassy chocolate gift certificates!

christmas chocolate gift certificateChocolate gift certificates are a year-round thing, and our customers love to give them for birthdays, anniversaries or just-because presents. Chocri chocolate gift certificates are especially gifting friendly for a few reasons. If you'd like a tangible gift, you can instantly print your customized chocolate gift certificate when you place your order. If you hate printers or are more an email type, you can send your recipient a code and save on ink.

In addition to being a gift certificate for delicious custom chocolate, you can send a chocolate gift certificate as a last-minute gift for those people on your list you may have overlooked or for when you are late remembering an important birthday. (He who has not been caught gift card shopping on the way to a party at the 7-11 may cast the first stone.)

So while you may not have started to think about Christmas or Hannukah yet, chocolate gift certificates are an excellent choice for many gift-centric occasions. You can check out our Holiday specials here, and you can view larger versions of our chocolate gift certificates here.


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