Topping of the Month: Amaretto Cookies!

Author: Kim | November 1, 2010 | Toppings

Rabbit, rabbit!

It's the first of the month again! And if you're a dedicated chocri fan, you know that each month we introduce a limited edition topping of the month so you can try new things and tell us more about what you like. This month's topping, though, is a special case- ahead of Christmas, we've introduced a topping we're sure is going to be a pretty big hit- Amaretto Cookies!

I have it on authority that the first samples of bars with Amaretto Cookies disappeared fairly rapidly in testing at chocri's headquarters, and with good reason. If you haven't tried the match made in heaven that is cookies combined with chocolate, you haven't lived. Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic but it's a seriously delicious pairing.

From the official description:

Amaretto cookies are our topping of the month November. They are light as a feather, yet have an intense sweet almond flavour. They are airy, delicate and crunchy and refine every chocolate bar.

Getting your holiday shopping done early? Combine your Amaretto Cookie bar with our holiday packaging!

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