We've written about personalized gifts that make great stocking stuffers, have selected and looked closely at three personalized corporate gift ideas and blogged about customized gifts for Him, Her and Kids here. And as you know, we're all about gourmet food here at chocri (in our case: chocolate and everything that goes well on top of it), so today we're going to look at three personalized food gifts for the holidays!

Customized Ice Cream from eCreamery

customized ice cream I wish I could say I actually tasted this ice cream before, but what I can say: they sure look tasty! On the eCreamery website, you can customize ice cream, gelato or even sorbet by choosing from various flavors to mix and even more ingredients to add in to create your very own cold treat. For the holidays, they've got neat ice cream gift packs with flavors such as Egg Nog or White Chocolate Peppermint Bark. 4 pints can be had for $49.99. Of course you can personalize the packaging of your custom ice cream creation for a very tasty holiday gift. Or to label it "Finger's off, this is mine!" ;) Design your own ice cream.

Custom Candy from MyM&Ms

Custom Candy My M&Ms

With My M&Ms, you can personalize milk chocolate M&Ms by adding an image or text, as well as choosing the (three) colors of the personalized M&Ms you like best. My M&Ms only recently updated their website, and it's much more user friendly now. Keep in mind that you can only add short messages (an M&M is small after all), but it's good for a cute surprise. A 7 ounce bag of personalized M&Ms typically costs $8.49 + shipping, but there's typically a number of coupon codes floating around to lower that price a bit. Personalized candy

Customized Pet Food from Red Moon Pet Food

Customized Pet Food

Not only humans like customized food! With pets, the top reason to create your own pet food is of course nutrition - depending on the age, weight and of course type of dog or cat, there might be different nutrients you want your pet (or a friend's pet) to receive. Unfortunately Red Moon Pet Foods doesn't have gift certificates available, but if you're hoping to give your pet a healthy treat for the holidays, this might be a neat option for you. You can customize pet food for dogs and cats, with prices ranging between $2 and $3 per pound. I love this site because it shows the creativity in mass customization - so many products can be customized! Customized pet food.

Of course, you can always give a customized chocolate bar as well ;) We just launched the Festival of Lights Chocolate Bar which makes a great Hanukkah Gift, and you might have seen our Holiday Gift Box that holds two amazing customized chocolate bars and that is sold for only $14.95.


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