The white chocolate connoisseur is heartily underrepresented in the world of chocolate appreciation, according to this particular white chocolate fan. However, I am not alone in my love of the palest of all chocolates, and I know it can be difficult to find an excellent quality white chocolate option for holiday gifts.

white chocolate gift boxDepending on whether the person you're shopping for is a white chocolate devotee (my father will only consume white chocolate if any chocolate) or just a big fan of the variety in general, you can create the ideal white chocolate gift box for your giftee. Our chocolate gift box in a limited edition holiday design includes two of any bar, which is a perfect gift box option for white chocolate fans in particular because you can customize their chocolate instead of including white in a larger assortment. (Which is how uncustomized chocolate is often sold.)

If you know a picky white chocolate lover, you can always build a bar to their specifications on our "Create Your Own Chocolate" page. If you'd like to choose from a selection of recommended bars, our "Recommended Creations" page has several delicious, unique creations for your white chocolate gift box. (Including the holiday specials "Gobble, Gobble" and "White Christmas.") And if your white chocolate fan has broader tastes, you can include a milk or dark bar in your white chocolate gift box for good measure. (I'll take both in white, please.)

What would be in your ideal white chocolate gift box? Tell us in the comments!


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