Although a nice bottle of red wine is, let's face it, always welcome- sometimes you get a bit of vino fatigue. Walking into a dinner party or Thanksgiving gathering with the tenth bottle of wine of the evening can feel a bit anticlimactic. People love getting gifts, but giving gifts is something people really enjoy, too. Finding the perfect gift for someone who has done you a kindness is a great feeling, and what's more fun than the look on someone's face when you present them with something unique and perfect for that particular individual?

hostess giftsIf you're reading this blog, you know that customized chocolate is what chocri is all about. Our chocolate is of excellent quality, but our vast range of toppings means that we literally have something for everyone- well, everyone who loves chocolate. (Which is pretty much everyone.) Our recommended creations do very well, but there's something people love about selecting their own one-of-a-kind gift to their exact specifications.

You also probably know by now that custom chocolate takes a bit of time to assemble- we want to get it just right to your specifications! And Thanksgiving is tomorrow! However, one of our most popular gifting options year round are our customized chocolate gift certificates, allowing your recipient to visit our site and create their very own personalized chocolate.

If you're looking ahead, you can always create a bar for your hosts or hostesses. But if you've only got a day, an hour or five minutes and don't feel like hitting up the crowded liquor store or bakery on a holiday, we have two other options in which you might be interested.

Our printable gift certificates, like our chocolate, are customizable. If you have a printer or prefer to give something tangible, this is an excellent option.

However, not everyone has a printer. Some people are a bit more data oriented, too, and we have gift codes so you can even bypass the printing step. When you place your gift certificate order, you will immediately receive a gift code in your email so you can pass it on to the recipient through email. (Or inscribed in a card if you want to be all fancy.)

If you're looking for a quick, unique and reasonably priced gift option for your host or hostess and you're short on time, you can find our gift certificates page here. And if you need help with your order, you can find us on Twitter!.


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