Free Snowflake Topping on your customized chocolate bar

It's the second day on our Advent Calendar... and as the door opens, something sparkly is revealed, something glittering:

Free Snowflake Toppings!

You can find the Snowflake Decoration in our Holiday topping section on this site - and turn your chocolate bar into a Winter Wonderland. For all orders, it's free today, instead of the regular $1.50.

Did you know that every snowflake is completely unique? Starting in 1885, a man called Wilson Alwyn Bentley started photographing snowflakes to find a perfect match - but he never did. Today we know that it is pretty much impossible for two snowflakes to be exactly the same, since there are about 10^18 water molecules in everyone one of them. That's just like our chocolate bars! Every one is completely unique from the next!

Enjoy creating your own chocolate bars - remember, they make great gifts!

Snowflake Topping


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