win three chocolate bars

Today is day three of our chocri Advent Calendar, and the first day where everyone who orders will be entered to win our first Advent Calendar contest! Order today (December 1st), and you'll automagically get a chance to win...

Three chocri bars!

One lucky chocri fan will receive a gift code- redeemable immediately- for three chocri bars. Get a jump on Christmas shopping and create bars with some of our Holiday toppings. Or take a break from buying presents and create three bars just for you. Select one of our recommended creations, or choose your favorite base and toppings in our "create your own"section!

We think today's door reveals a gift that always fits- customized chocolate! Customized chocolate bars make an excellent holiday gifting option, whether you create a bespoke bar for your recipient or send a code or gift certificate. Each day reveals a new, different special, so check our blog daily in the days leading up to Christmas!


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