For those of you looking for a small, but meaningful gift to stuff into a stocking or to give to a co-worker, teacher or doorman, I'd like to introduce you to three fun companies that make small personalized gifts with a huge effect.

Personalized Watches from ewatchfactory

personalized watches as stocking stuffers This [site[( essentially allows you to create your own, affordable watch. You can choose from a view watch styles, and then upload your own image to adorn the background. Maybe you want to give your friend a watch with a picture of the two of you together? Maybe a nice photo that you took or found somewhere that would make a stylish accessory gift? I personally think that the images ewatchfactory shows of its watches are only a small portion of the beauty you could create on their site.
After uploading an image of your choice, you can also change the strap and the hands, as well as how the hours are marked on your custom background. A typical watch comes out to about $30, which I think is a fair price for such a personal gift. Personalize a watch

Custom Beef Jerky from SlantShack Jerky

Customized Beef Jerky as stocking stuffers You've probably heard us mention them before, which is because it's so amazingly delicious -the customized Beef Jerky from SlantShack Jerky that is. You can choose from different marinades, rubs and glazes. And you can add a note "hey, I made this just for you!". It comes in a nice see through pouch that will fit nicely into a stocking. Prices start at $10. Build your own beef jerky.

Customized Gemstone Earrings from Gemkitty

Customized Earrings as stocking stuffers Gemkitty is a wonderful choice if you want something precious (but not too expensive) as the stocking stuffer for a dear one. On their website, you can create beautiful earrings and necklaces. Earrings start at $38, and you can choose from hundreds of gemstones, many different styles and two metal choices to create an earring that is exactly her style. And Gentlemen, here's your chance to score big: Find out what her favorite outfit is (ask her, ask your daughter, ask her sister, pay attention to what she's wearing), and then pick those gemstones that will match that outfit. Outcries guaranteed. Create a customized earring.


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