The Most Christmassy Top 5 This Year!

Author: Kim | November 5, 2010 | Top-Bar-Names

So, this week we gave one lucky chocri fan a whole entire year of free chocolate. But chocolate love was all over the place this week, as evidenced by the huge number of orders rolling in. And while looking at the orders each Friday is always fun, this week's orders were especially cool because you can tell people are starting their holiday shopping! So exciting!

Below are five of our best chocri names this week- see if you can spot the possible presents! :)

  • Gilded Holiday Spice (Dark Chocolate with Ginger, Real Gold Flakes, Christmas Cookies, Marzipan Stars and Stollen Spice in Holiday Packaging) OMG, that would be like Christmas in your mouth!

  • The Bill (lastname)-Eat It With Your Mouf (Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Coffee, Real Gold Flakes, Bourbon Vanilla and Soy Bacon in Holiday Packaging) Much more efficient than eating it with, say, your nose.

  • Sweet Puppet (Milk Chocolate with Strawberry, Colorful Chocolate Dragées, Marzipan Rose, Smiley (female) and Holiday Bear) From Kermit to Miss Piggy.

  • Walter's Banana Bread Dark Chocolate Bar (Dark Chocolate with Banana Chips, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Bourbon Vanilla and Writing 'I Love You') Because recipe bars are the coolest.

  • What the Hell, I Had to Buy 2 Chocolate Bars (Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Organic Salt Pretzels, Nougat, Rice Crispies in Chocolate Coating and Fig Bits) As good a reason as any!

Of course, as you're picking up your holiday loot, keep in mind that if you order five chocri bars, we always add a sixth surprise bar. (Which you can totally keep for yourself and we won't tell!)

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