In the internet era, it's easier than ever to stay in touch- and giving and sending chocolate gifts is also easier than ever.

send chocolate anonymouslyChocolate gifts are one of the most popular gift-related search terms on the web. As an almost universally loved treat, chocolate is very popular and almost always appreciated as a gift option- for Christmas, Valentines' Day, birthdays or even corporate gifts.

Chocri offers a lot of options for chocolate gifts, but one of the more convenient options is to get chocolate delivered to a recipient. You can have your chocri order sent to you for in-person giving, or you can have chocolate delivered directly to a recipient if you can't be there in person or just as a nice surprise. If you'd like to give a recipient the option to create their own chocolate, you can send an emailed gift certificate or print and customize your own! (And of course, we arrange having your giftee's chocolate delivered to their doorstep.)

Another option that is a frequently searched query is in regards to sending chocolate anonymously. (Googlers, you are such a romantic bunch!) The premise of receiving a gift of unexpected chocolate seems ever more compelling when the giver remains a secret. If you're one of the legion web surfers seeking to send a gift of anonymous chocolate (especially one customized to your recipient's specific chocolate preferences), chocri orders have the option of being sent anonymously, too.

If you have any questions about having chocolate delivered or sending chocolate anonymously, you can get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook!


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