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It's day four on our chocri Advent Calendar, and yet again, we have something new and different for you! One of the orders we receive today (December 2nd), will have a chance to win...

A Hot Chocolate With Our US CEO!

If you live in the New York Metro area and you're ordering today, you could win a hot chocolate with chocri's US CEO, Carmen Magar. Browse our Holiday toppings, check out our recommended creations, or choose your favorite base and toppings in our "create your own" section, and with your order, you'll be entered to win this very exclusive, one of a kind contest. (Details will be emailed to the winner when the results are in.)

Today's advent calendar prize is just as unique as our customized chocolate bars! This incentive will only show up once on the Advent Calendar, so enter today to win!

The winner of yesterday's Advent Calendar surprise is Marisa C from NJ. She received a gift code for three personalized chocolate bars.


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