Can you believe that Christmas is in less than two weeks? Luckily our Advent Calendar helps me keep track this year or I wouldn't even have started with holiday gifts yet! You might think that the CEO of chocri has a personalized chocolate bar for everyone on their list, but every chocolate bar I get for my list would mean a chocolate bar less for our customers during this busy time of the year, so no in a weird twist no one gets customized chocolate from me for Christmas!

Luckily there are a number of other cool mass customization companies that are the perfect choices for unique gifts for the holidays. One of my absolute favorites are the custom dress shirt makers at Blank-Label. Hence I made sure that our Advent Calendar includes this goody today:

A $45 Gift Certificate for your Custom Dress Shirt from Blank Label

Custom-tailored dress shirts for men have been around longer than mass produced dress shirts of course, but they are traditionally very expensive. It's not unusual to pay $200-400, have to go in to the tailor so he can measure you, and leave with a very nicely fitting custom dress shirt - that is nothing special.

custom men's dress shirts

Blank-Label really turns that around. Three things Blank-Label revolutionizes:

  • You can have a custom fitted shirt, but without anyone measuring you but you yourself. Blank-Label has a smart way to ask you for the measurements that count, which you simply enter on your site

  • Blank-Label really differentiates not with custom fit, but with custom design. On the website, you can design your own shirt by choosing your desired fabric type not only for the shirt in total, but also for sleeves and plackets, or the inside of the collar for example. And the list continues - you can customize your pockets, buttons, add a monogram... and you can really make the shirt your very own.

  • Finally, custom dress shirts from Blank Label are much less expensive! It starts at $45, and then depends on the customization options you choose

custom men's dress shirts

And as you can see in the picture and in the fact that we're giving one away, they have gift certificates - so you can give your man the power to create his own style!

You want to try this out, or give a creative man in your life the chance to design his own dress shirt? Then order your customized chocolate bars today, and you might just get an email from me with your gift code tomorrow!


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