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So, 17 doors have now opened on our Advent Calendar! Yesterday was free mini stockings, but maybe you want something to put in the stockings? Lucky for you, today we've got...

Free Holiday Bear Toppings on Any Bar!

Teddy bears first came into prominence during the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt, after he was reluctant to shoot a wounded bear on a hunting trip. The toy quickly became traditional, and now most kids have at least one beloved teddy bear before they grow up. (Some hang on to their teddies long after, as well.) Our Holiday Teddy Bear topping has a festive Santa hat, but unlike most Christmas teddies, this one tastes good. Browse our limited-edition Holiday toppings, pick one of our recommended creations, or get creative with your favorite base and toppings to make a personalized chocolate bar, and add a Holiday Bear Topping today for free!

Ten more doors to open, so keep checking back!


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