discounted shipping for christmas

We're up to Day 17 on our chocri Advent Calendar, and we've got another open door to reveal! We know not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping, and for everyone who's still got someone or someones on their list to take care of, we've got something to make shopping a bit easier...

$10 Expedited Shipping Today!

Don't you hate it when you find the perfect, most customized gift ever for someone on your list and the shipping deadline has already passed? While personalized gifts take a little bit longer to ship, we've got a super deal on gifts shipped super fast for everyone not on the naughty list. Select any of our limited-edition Holiday toppings, peep our recommended creations, or get inspired with your favorite base and toppings to make a personalized chocolate bar, and expedited shipping is only $10 extra!

Ten days left, chocri fans! Are you totally psyched for Christmas?


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