Only 5 days until Christmas! Are you all good on your list of holiday gifts? If not, we might be able to help with our Advent Calendar door today, because with it you might just win:

$50 worth of Customized Jewelry from Gemvara

With Gemvara, you can create your own customized jewelry across a wide array of products - from pendants to rings, from earrings to whole necklaces. They even have jewelry for men available to be customized! Once you've picked a type of jewelry and style you liked, you can pick your favorite metal (e.g. gold, silver and platinum) and accent stones - often two different kinds. With those options, you can take endless and unique variations of the same piece of jewelry. Take the butterfly pendant in the image below - within a few seconds, I have created four different variations.

Customized pendants from Gemvara

If you order personalized chocolate bars or a gift certificate today and win, we'll send you a link to your Gemvara gift certificate tomorrow. You can choose to treat yourself - or you might make it an amazing holiday gift for someone else. Jewelry is something so personal already - with Gemvara, it is much easier to reflect your personality in a piece of customized jewelry.


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