Only 4 days until Christmas! Our Advent Calendar door is as heavily loaded with amazing treats this week as I imagine Santa's sleigh to be this week. Today, I'm presenting you with a real highlight:

$100 to Design Your Own Shoes with Shoes of Prey

Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey

I admit I had to consider keeping this one for myself for a while. Isn't it every woman's dream to design her own shoes? With Shoes of Prey, you can do just that - they are THE site for customized women's shoes. As you can see in the picture above, you first choose your design - pumps, open toe, ankle boot etc. Then you choose leathers and embellishments (they have an amazing selection for both), and they deliver you a custom made shoe that looks just the way you want it to!

customized shoes Shoes from Shoes of Prey are hand made by craftsmen and are shipped directly to your feet. This makes a very special gift, and we're happy to help: So order your personalized chocolate bars or a gift certificate from chocri today, and you might be the lucky winner of a $100 gift certificate for Shoes of Prey!

Yesterdays gift certificate for customized jewelry by Gemvara was won by Dora B.


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