Christmas is tomorrow! In Germany, holiday gifts are actually exchanged on Christmas Eve, and in my family, the tree was decorated not before today, either! As such, in a German Advent Calendar, Christmas Eve is the last and biggest day. We made an American version, so there's still one more door tomorrow, but do know that today is huge. We're giving away, to one lucky winner:

A Customized Purse from Laudi Vidni

With Laudi Vidni, you can create your own customized purse online, or since recently also in their Chicago retail store. Either way, you'll have fun creating! In this case, you'll be creating your own Poco wristlet, of which a few variations are shown in the image below:

Customized poco wristlets from Laudi Vidni

These are just a few examples - with Laud Vidni, you can choose from an astonishing variety of luxury leathers and beautiful hardware to create a handbag that is uniquely yours. I haven't been to the design studio in their retail store yet, but I think the website really leaves nothing unclear - you can zoom in to the leathers and materials, and your custom handbag is created in front of your eyes in a way that makes it easy to imagine what it will look like once it's in your hands.

customized handbags from Laudi Vidni If you order today, you might be the lucky winner of a gift certificate to create your very own Poco Wristlet with Laudi Vidni - that's $85! As always, if you know someone who might appreciate this gift even more than you, and if you have the strength not to keep it for yourself, it also makes a pretty amazing very, very last minute Christmas gift.

So here's a trick if you need a last minute Christmas gift: Buy a gift certificate for chocri, and if you're lucky, you'll win the Laudi Vidni gift certificate too and you can make the chocolate for yourself ;)

Merry Christmas!


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