DIV Kinder

It's Day 8 on our chocri Advent Calendar, today marks the first promotion that involves the charity we support, DIV Kinder. While we donate 1% of order proceeds to DIV Kinder year-round, for every order placed today, we'll donate...

$2 to DIV Kinder!

Browse our Holiday toppings, order your favorite one of our recommended creations, or combine your favorite base and toppings in our "create your own" section, and for each order we receive, $2 will go to DIV Kinder.

From our DIV Kinder page:

DIV-Kinder (which stands for Deutsch-Ivorische-Verein and means German-Ivory Association) is a Christian organization that cares for the needs of homeless and orphaned children of the Ivory Coast. Their primary interest is to provide the children with shelter and supervision. The organization’s employees work directly in these countries and make sure that donations and supplies from Germany are transferred to the homes for children.

As we said, we've still got more than a dozen doors to open- so keep checking back!


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