Everyone knows wine and chocolate go very well together. Today's Advent Calendar surprise makes for amazing gifts - it's

Three $25 Gift Certificates for Personal Wine

Personalized Wine

A personalized wine bottle to go with your customized chocolate bars!

On the Personal Wine website, you can select from an array of award-winning wines, which you can then take into a virtual design studio to create a label to your heart's content. Flowers and pink for a sweet, flowery wine for Grandma? Or dark, masculine colors for a dry wine with a heavy tobacco note? How about a red and chocolatey brown label, and then pick out a wine that goes well with the customized chocolate bars that won you the personalized wine. ;)

I think this makes a stellar gift. Match the name of your chocolate and the name you give your wine, and pair the wine and chocolate to create a really neat personalized gift that will elicit some WOWs under the Christmas tree. And the best part - if you order your chocolate today, you might get this for free!

Of course we won't judge if you just make your own bottle of wine all for yourself, or maybe to share for New Year's Eve ;) Either way, check out the Personal Wine website and create your own wine label. It's fun!

Personalized Wine Bottles by Personal Wine


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