Happy Birthday chocri USA!

Author: Carmen | January 11, 2011 | About-chocriInformation

personalized chocolate bars

Can you believe it? Chocri USA already turns 1 year old today on Jan 11, 2011! While the first personalized chocolate bar was invented nearly 3 years ago by when Franz and MIchael, the chocri founders, had a last minute gift idea, but chocri as a company in Germany exists only a bit longer than 2 years, and as of today 1 year in the US!

The last year in review:
The year went by so fast, mostly because we've been super busy. Right after we launched, Valentine's Day hit, we had to change our shipping provider because they didn't deliver as fast as promised. Then Mother's Day was a huge hit, of which one result was the "Treasure Chest Chocolate Bar", developed in our Mother's Day contest by a child for her Mom. The bar is still selling strong in our Recommended Chocolate Bars section. This summer was the first summer in my life that I wished for lower temperatures, as some of the packages left outside on porches or in trucks only held melted chocolate after a while. Our cold packs was our answer, and I'm much more excited about warmer temperatures this year. Finally, the holidays have been absolutely crazy for us - we were on the Today Show, and Maxim, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire all recommended us as a great holiday gift.

All in all, we've learned a ton this past year, and we appreciate every single note of feedback that you sent us, every phone call, comment on our Facebook page and tweet. In the end, all of this is only possible because of you!

We are excited to enter 2011 with more knowledge on how to get things done, some very interesting product innovation in the pipeline, and as always a passion to deliver you one-of-a kind chocolate bars with the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Happy Birthday to us!

p.s. You deserve a discount! This is how to do it: Fan us on Facebook and suggest your friends to do the same. Once we reach 2000 Fans, everyone gets 20% off!


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