It's just one month and one day until the most lovey-dovey of holidays- Valentine's Day! Chocolate and Valentine's Day go together like peas and carrots, and if you haven't noticed, we've set up a special page just for personalized Valentine's Day chocolate!

As you can imagine, we have a bevy of ways you can put together a thoughtful, chocolatey gift for your Valentine. We have pages of toppings to give you personalized Valentine's Day chocolate gift ideas, but we've singled out a few that we think make for a sweet bar in both senses of the word, and they've got a special place in our Valentine's toppings gallery:

Gold A traditional gift for a romantic partner, ours comes in edible form.

Strawberry Like sweet little red heart pieces!

Candied Lilac In purple and pink, like a bouquet you can eat.

Mini Heart Decoration Little Valentines, made from sugar.

Raspberries A bit sweet, a bit tart, and compliments all our bases.

Marzipan Rose Unlike real roses, these won't wilt on the counter in two days.

I love you There is literally nothing sweeter than a candy, "I love you."

Smiley in heart Shape (both male and female) Except if you add this.

Flower Mix A rainbow of flowery love for your chocri.

Rose Petals Candied and made delicious, for a truly sophisticated bar.

What would you put in a Valentine's Day bar for your honey? Share your personalized Valentine's Day chocolate in the comments!

personalized Valentine's Day chocolate


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