We've been blogging about our personalized Valentine's Day chocolate gifting options, and this month, we've introduced two new bars- the Aphrodisi-snack, a dark chocolate base topped with golden pearls, candied lilac, bourbon vanilla and an edible "I love you" banner, and With Love, a white chocolate base with flower mix, raspberries, and an edible smiley face.

Year-round, we offer a two bar gift box for all our chocri Creations, and for Valentine's day, we have a special holiday box that's festive and elegant. The pic below is our 2011 Valentine's Day gift box, which is available with the personalized Valentine's Day chocolate of your choice. However, we also offer both our limited edition bars, the With Love and Aphrodisi-snack, together in our Valentine's day box for $14.95. (The bars are $9.90 each and $19.80 together, so it's a sweet deal.)

You can find these personalized Valentine's Day chocolate creations on our Valentine's page. Have you picked up a gift for your Valentine yet? Tell us in the comments!

personalized Valentine's Day chocolate


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