personalized Valentine's Day chocolate

All month on our blog, we've been talking about the various personalized Valentine's Day chocolate gifting options chocri offers. There are two new, limited edition bars- the Aphrodisi-snack, a dark chocolate base topped with golden pearls, candied lilac, bourbon vanilla and an edible "I love you" banner, and With Love, a white chocolate base with flower mix, raspberries, and an edible smiley face. You've seen our also limited-edition Valentine's Day gift box, available with both V-Day bars for $14.95. Pictured above is our uber-festive but still unisex Valentine's Day packaging, made to dress up your sweetie's chocri in a sleek and stylish holiday wrapper.

If you're looking to order a customized chocolate bar for your Valentine, just remember that the last day for Valentine's shipping is January 31st. Be sure to place orders by that date to ensure Valentine's Day arrival. But if you miss the deadline, don't fret! We've got Lovely Gift Certificates for last-minute gifts! You can print or email our personalized Valentine's Day chocolate gift certificates if you're looking for a same-day gift.


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