2011 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Author: Carmen | January 27, 2011 | FestivitiesSpecial-Offers

Thinking of making a personalized chocolate bar for Valentine's Day? Here's our 2011 Valentine's Day Gift Guide, with some pretty rad Valentine's Day gift ideas!
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Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift for Your Girlfriend

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Girlfriend

As a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend, consider the chocolate bar shown on the left. It's a particularly pretty dark chocolate bar (many ladies are still watching their figure this time of the year) with strawberries, gold and a marzipan rose proudly exclaiming affection in the middle. The bar has a fantastic smell thanks to the Strawberry Bits, and a cute name would be (as in the image) "You are sweeter than even this chocolate bar! XXX" What a way to score a lot of points with your girlfriend!

Enter barcode xajw98 on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift for Your Boyfriend

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Boyfriend

Men love chocolate, too! Give your boyfriend a chocolate bar for Valentine's Day. The personalized name "Happy VDay Honey" is perfect for this chocolate bar - because it has Honey Drops! Men tend to like White Chocolate more, and the Roasted Almonds are a safe choice - on of our 5 most popular toppings. So are the raspberries, and they add a bit of cuteness to a very tasty chocolate bar for your boyfriend. Also consider writing his name on the chocolate bar, so he knows that you were thinking of him and only him when you created this piece of yumminess. Which, thinking of, is a great transition to talking to him about how much you adore him!

Enter barcode nd46uv on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift for Your Husband or Wife

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Husband Wife

Once married, saying "I Love You" on a chocolate bar is less of a nerve wracking moment than say, in month two of the relationship. So go all out on HIS chocolate bar (dark chocolate with gold flakes, candied rose petals and "I Love You") and don't be scared to make a lovely and pretty personalized chocolate bar for HER - our suggestion is Milk and White Chocolate with raspberries (they're so nice and pink!) and real silver flakes, as well as Chocolate Sizzle Rocks for a bit of a surprise when the chocolate hits the tongue. We called the chocolate bars "For My Wonderful Wife" and "For My Handsome Husband"

Enter barcode i2ausf for hers and zrgcip for his on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift for Your Crush

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Crush

Didn't you love it when they gave your crush a secret rose in high school? Why not pick it up and smuggle a lovely chocolate bar into the hands, drawer or bag of somebody you have a crush on? We recommend the "I'm bananas for you!" chocolate bar with (duh) bananas, roasted almonds, heart decoration and the writing "My Valentine" on Milk Chocolate. Let him or her guess that it was you who was so creative to make this very unique chocolate bar! Of course you can always customize the chocolate bar name to drop a hint...

Enter barcode vs8o13 on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

Valentine's Day Gift for Your Single Girlfriend

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Friend

Whether she's happily or unhappily single, tell her you love her! With star decoration, gold flakes, silver flakes and a heart smiley, the glimmer in her eyes will be star struck and pure joy. Then, when she tries this dark chocolate concoction, she'll feel like walking on the moon, just better. We called this custom chocolate bar "You are my star! Love ya!" And while we're assuming that it will be most likely one lady gifting such a chocolate bar to another lady, everyone woman or man would of course be happy to get a Valentine's Day gift like this!

Enter barcode rvoqzn on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift for Everyone

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift

We don't tell people often enough that we're glad they're there, and maybe Valentine's Day can help us remember that fact. If you agree, reach out to some that you are grateful for, and give them a chocolate bar like this one: "Thank you for being in my life!". What the name and the writing "Thank you" doesn't say, the creamy milk chocolate, the yummy caramel pieces, the fun sprinkles and the cute heart decoration will surely express. A customized chocolate bar for everyone in your life.

Enter barcode 2lsjad on the chocolate bar creation page for this combination.

And if you're still not sure, consider our Valentine's Day Gift Box or a customized Gift Certificate.


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