chocri on Facebook Lovely chocolate lovers and creative bar creators, What a holiday season! What amazing creations!

We've grown a lot these past few months (not a complete surprise, after all, our personalized chocolate bars and we'd love to have you on our Facebook Page as well! When we first started on Facebook, we had one page that we posted on in both German and English, which soon got confusing. Now we have two separate pages, one in German, the other in English. Our German Facebook page already has more than 10,000 Fans! - from about 1,200 back in July. We've quite a bit to catch up with the international page with our current 1,300 Fans, and we need your help!

Suggest our Facebook Page to your Friends and Receive 20% off!

When we reach 2000 Fans, we'll post a coupon code that will give everyone - new and old Fans - 20% off your next purchase. To suggest us to your friends is easy:

  1. Think who of your friends likes chocolate (everyone, right?)
  2. Click "suggest to friends" below our profile picture
  3. Select friends, hit enter (you don't even need to enter a message), and be done!
  4. Enjoy 20% off your customized chocolate bars

Oh, and if you didn't already hit Like - please do!

See you on Facebook!


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