This Week's Top Five Bar Names

Author: Kim | February 18, 2011 | Top-Bar-Names

top 5 chocri bars

Valentine's Day was Monday, but all through the week, romantic and sweet personalized chocolate bar orders kept coming in- a lot of people got gift certificates, it seems! A lot of the names went back to the usual (monkey and om nom nom) creative bar naming trends, and here are this week's top five...

  • Witching hour (Dark Chocolate with Cranberries, Cayenne Pepper and Candied Lilac) Because chocolate is magical.

  • cherry banana haz brittle (Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips, Sour Cherries and Hazelnut Brittle) Because teh kittehs make teh chocris, too.

  • Life In Choclicolor (Dark Chocolate with Banana Chips, Cappuccino Chocolate Drops, Bourbon Vanilla, Mini Cookies and Roasted Cashews) >ahem<... chocricolor, you mean?

  • Dark and Dangerous (Dark Chocolate with Ground Chili and Fleur de Sel) Ooh, spicy!

  • Banana Fosters (Dark Chocolate with Banana Chips, Cinnamon, Rice Crispies, Caramel Pieces and Bourbon Vanilla) My second favorite "Foster's!"

So... what chocolate goodies did everyone get or buy for the big day? Did you get a V-Day chocri?


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