Topping of the Month: Organic Pumpkin Seeds!

Author: Kim | February 2, 2011 | Toppings

Pumpkin Seeds for your customized chocolate barsAs you may recall, each month, we rotate in a new, limited time only topping option so our chocri fans and friends can experience new flavor combinations along with their favorite bases and toppings. For February, we have delicious Organic Pumpkin Seeds with which you can experiment and find new and interesting chocri styles.

I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about the seeds and chocolate combo. Sure, I'd eat a seed-topped bar if one was presented, but when making my own, I tended toward the same habits. That was until I happened upon a sunflower seed and blueberry milk bar. Whoa! Seeds and chocolate pair exceptionally well, especially with dried fruits. You might want to try your Organic Pumpkin Seeds with a berry option or a chewier dried fruit, like apricots or pears when creating your customized chocolate bars.

You can find Organic Pumpkin Seeds in the Grains section on this site. What would you pair with this delightful topping?


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