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Author: Carmen | March 1, 2011 | Customization

Design-your-own, mass customization, personalization - whatever you want to call it: It's the beautiful trend that lets you design your own customized chocolate bars here on this site, but also much more.

A few customizers (including us) have teamed up and bring you the coupon code...


with which you can save 10% at participating companies. And of course we're one of them! Save 10% on your customized chocolate bars with ShopCustom

Here's where you can also apply the coupon code:

Blank Label

At Blank Label, you can design a custom men's dress shirt, and get 10% off with ShopCustom.


With Caseable, you can create your own personalized laptop sleeve for 10% less with ShopCustom.

Coco Myles

Coco Myles lets you design your own dress, or bridesmaid dresses, at 10% off with ShopCustom.

Create A Mattress

A lot of discount is behind Create-A-Mattress, where you can save 10% off your custom mattress with ShopCustom.


Delicious ice cream can be customized with ECreamery, at 10% less with ShopCustom.


Create your own customized nutrition bars with Element Bars, and when you enter ShopCustom at checkout, they take 10% off.


Have a teen girl? She'll love to create her own teen fashion with Fashion Playtes, and you'll love 10% off with ShopCustom.


10% goes a long way when you're creating customized jewelery. Make yours with Gemvara, and save 10% with ShopCustom.


You'll be able to afford your custom fit jeans from indiDenim with the 10% off coupon code ShopCustom.


Make a custom photo bag with Snaptotes, and get it for 10% cheaper with ShopCustom.


With YouBar, you make your own custom protein and energy bars, and you will also be the one who saved 10% with ShopCustom

Which customizer would you like to see on this list?


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