If you're a regular reader of the chocri blog, you know one topic we follow closely is emerging news on the many health benefits of chocolate- dark chocolate in particular. Among the dozens and dozens of toppings we offer for your personalized chocolate bar are several options to create a delicious, nutritious one-of-a-kind chocri- like a variety of dried fruits, seeds and nuts.

Over the past decade, science has made advances in better understanding the impact of chocolate consumption on cardiovascular health. A recent study indicates that activity of the antiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), the enzyme targeted by blood pressure medications, is inhibited when subjects regularly consumed 72% cocoa dark chocolate- and the degree of inhibition was related to the subject's genotype.

The findings indicated chocolate consumption over two weeks inhibited ACE activity by nearly 20%, equivalent to the reduction observed with antihypertensive drugs. One of the study's lead researchers commented on the study's conclusions:

“Our results indicate that lifestyle changes, with the help of foods that contain high catechin and procyanidin content, prevent cardiovascular disease,” said Dr [Ingrid] Persson.

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