Top Five Bar Names!

Author: Kim | March 4, 2011 | Top-Bar-Names

top 5 chocri bars

They say March comes in like a lion, which would be especially true this March if lions were accompanied by large gusts of wind. Easter is late this year, but we've gotten a few hints of Spring in the weather this week in New York, and many personalized chocolate bars have had a decidedly springy feel to them. Here are five of the best bar names for this first week of March.

  • Oh, you shouldn't have! (Dark Chocolate with Organic Cane Sugar, Bourbon Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs and Almonds) Because no, really, for me?

  • For the love of James (Dark Chocolate with Cranberries, Roasted Almonds and Orange Pepper) Because we're reading "Outlander," too.

  • Memom's 10 Lb. Loss Reward (White Chocolate with Cashews, Organic Salt Pretzels, Raisins and Caramel Pieces) Because what's a better reward than chocolate?

  • Alphie's Fly Bar (Milk and White Chocolate with Hazelnut Brittle, Caramel Chocolate Drops and Pecans) Because Alphie, you fly!

  • black on white (White Chocolate with Chocolate Sizzle Rocks) Because white + sizzle=win.

Do you have a favorite Easter candy that's just reappeared on shelves? Tell us in the comments!


  1. April 5, 2011 | Varshini said:
    Cadbury Mini Eggs! Sooooo good!

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