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Author: Carmen | March 9, 2011 | Events

SXSW chocolate bars

South By Southwest Interactive, the great conference for geeks, digital minds and internet aficionados is coming up. And of course we'll be there again, just as we represented last year at South By Southwest!

Last year, we asked Gary Vaynerchuk, Leah Culver, Dave Morin and Violet Blue to design some chocolate bars, and those were a great hit (just click on the links and read the fun stories). This year, we're also bringing with us:

The Robert Scoble Chocolate Bar

Robert Scoble tried our chocolate at SXSW last year and liked it (see his tweet about it), so he was game to have his own chocolate bar this time around. It's a balanced combination (just like his reporting) of Milk and White Chocolate, with Honey Wheat Flakes and Roasted Cashews because they're delicious, and Chocolate Sizzle Rocks because they're delicious and fun!

Chocolatunde Bars

Baratunde Thurston created the Chocolatunde Bars within a minute of me reaching out to him - a very solid and delicious combination of Dark Chocolate and Cranberries that shows that Baratunde is not only a politician, techie and comedian, he's also someone who knows good and healthy food!

@DENS' Chocolate Bomb Dance Party Adventure

Dennis Crowley is one of the founders of the must-have app Foursquare. He gave his chocolate bar not only a very creative name (explanation follows, I hope), he also made it especially delicious: Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Bits, Vanilla and M&Ms. I can't wait to steal one of those for myself.

The Chris Dixon Chocolate Bar

Chris Dixon is one of the people who are really driving the personalization of the internet, and so it makes perfect sense that he would personalize his own chocolate bar. It's so caramel: He chose White Chocolate with both Caramel Chocolate Drops and Caramel Pieces. You love caramel, too? You should get one.

SXSW chocolate bars Notice something? No one of our celebrities picked Milk Chocolate! That was the same last year. Milk chocolate is the favorite type of chocolate of most people. Maybe liking Dark or White Chocolate is correlated with success in the digital world? We will explore - and report!

The chocolate bars will be given away by the celebrities themselves, or by me. Follow @chocridotcom on Twitter or chocridotcom on Plancast, and you'll know where I am and where there's a chance for some free customized chocolate bars.

SXSW chocolate bars

All the celebrity bars are of course also for purchase on our SXSW Chocolate Bars page, so you can preview and/or buy them!

See you at SXSW. We're excited, are you?

p.s. The gentleman in the picture with the curly hair is actually a bit of a celebrity himself: He is one of the co-founders of Bump, the iPhone app you have to have under any circumstances if you want to meet anyone at SXSW (and if you don't, why are you going?)!


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