How to make chocolate (Part I)

Author: Alexandra | June 24, 2011 | How-to-make-chocolateInformation

I work for a chocolate company for about two months now, but never have I tried to make chocolate on my own. What a shame! But to be honest: I guess it must be quite difficult to make a pretty chocolate bar without using professional equipment. I don’t have any machines to help me find the right temperature for the chocolate, I don’t have a vibrating plate to make sure there won’t be any bubbles in the bar…. Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Every chocolate that has been made with love and passion will be good anyway, eh? =)


First step: The supermarket. I bought milk chocolate couverture, gummy bears, sprinkles and chocolate dragées to decorate my bars; I’ve got walnuts, cornflakes and cinnamon at home already. It’s going to be delicious! But before I forget: If you also want to make your own chocolate bar, it is a lot easier to use couverture instead of chocolate. Due to a bigger part of cocoa butter in couverture you can spread it more evenly inside the mold you use.

Working the chocolate

Having instructions, the ingredients and tools prepared, I am back home and start unpacking the couverture. It’s kind of greasy. Isn’t it strange when you think of where this product originally comes from? In a large part it consists of beans that grew inside a cocoa fruit on a tree.
This tree originally comes from Mid- and South America and there is evidence for its significance in society even 1000 years ago. The sweet pulp of the cocoa fruit has already been used in 1100BC and the Aztecs used the beans as currency some hundred years later. It seems that even back then the value of this plant was known widely. If this is the reason why botanist Carl von Linné called it Theobroma (origins are the greek words theós [God] and bróma [food] -> Food for the Gods) or because cacao is known for being stimulating… who knows. There is proof however that theobromine, serotonin and dopamine, which can be found in chocolate, have an effect on your mood. They are supposed to make you happy! Is it possible that these contents even affect me when I only touch the chocolate? While chopping it I am extraordinarily happy.

I hope this good mood lasts until next week. This is when I am going to tell you how to proceed. If you can't wait, let chocri help you to create your personal chocolate bar! =)

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