This is the final step now. Did you hold out easily or did you already let the professionals make your chocolate? Let me tell you: It pays to be patient, even I finally made it. The chocolate mass reached about 45°C at some point and I did not forget to stir it. The instructions I read all told me to use a plastic or silicon item to keep the chocolate in motion. Furthermore it is important to make sure no water gets into the chocolate mass. It’s a lot to think about. =)

Anyway: I let the mass cool down again while stirring, stirring and stirring it. Afterwards it has to be warmed again so that it finally comes to a temperature of 30°C. This is the processing temperature. schokolade_selber_machen

Casting the chocolate into the mold

Here comes the fun part that I was looking forward to so much! Melted chocolate looks so incredibly good and it smells awesome. I love it! As the chocolate is for me, I guess nobody minds if I try a bit with my fingers? =) Then I cast the warm mass into the cooled mold. I don’t know how much fits in there, so I shake the plastic mold once in a while to spread everything evenly. The filled cast is gently tapped on the table to remove air bubbles in the chocolate bar. Done. Well almost, because now all I have is a milk chocolate bar, which looks a bit sad all alone. Luckily the additional ingredients are all here and I can decorate the bar straight away. The colourful chocolate dragées look so yummy and so do the gummy bears, too. I only have to wait for them to be completely solid. If I did everything correctly my selfmade chocolate bars will detach themselves from the mold without any problems. Either I am lucky or I am very talented: My chocolate bars look just perfect! They do not have any grey spots or lines and they did not break when I tried to get them out of the mold. They are beautifully lying in front of me. No for a very long time I guess. =)

schokolade_selber_machen Have you ever tried to make chocolate on your own? I’d really like to know how it was like, share your experience with me!

If you missed how I started to make chocolate on my own, you can find Part I and Part II of the report in our blog. There is also more information about the history of chocolate too. Learn about chocolate houses and Columbus.


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