Bars of the Month July

Author: Alexandra | July 4, 2011 | Bar-of-the-Month

In today’s calendar July follows June. Did you know that the calendar we work with is based on ideas by Julius Caesar? He changed the republican calendar that was inspired by the moon cycle. In Caesars days the calendar was seriously out of pace with the seasons, so he added another 67 days and introduced a more appropriate calendar. In 44 BC, which was two years after the fundamental change, the seventh month of the year was named after Caesar. Ever since that year it is known as “July”. So why not dedicate the Bar of the month to the roman statesman? summer-chocolate

Noble, classy and stately: This is our Bar Julius Caesar. Oranges, candied lilac and bourbon vanilla on a milk chocolate base…. And whenever you mention Caesar, you may not forget his lover Cleopatra. She was just as noble and classy as her beloved. And so is pur chocolate Bar Cleopatra. There’s a whiff of seduction when white chocolate meets raspberry bits, sweet almonds and organic mint leaves…


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